About Us

Several elementary school students sit in a clasroom writing at their desks

Meet Our Staff

Clarence Burton Jr.

Chief Executive Officer

Lela Johnston

Chief of Staff

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Open: Director of Communications

Felipe Vieyra

Director of Programs and Advocacy

Cody Ostenson

Manager of Field and Data

Lyric Vigil

Community Organizer

Aaron Lombardi

Community Organizer

In a classroom, a teacher assists a student

Our Values

We know that each individual and community has unique strengths and the ability to effect change. We provide the tools and leadership to unlock that inherent capacity and empower the community to transform failed systems.

We believe that our work will never be successful without community at its core, therefore community is centered in every decision we make, every strategy we develop, and every space we co-create.

We treat every member of our community as whole people. We create inclusive environments for people to bring their “whole selves” to this work, not only because we care about their overall wellbeing, but because we know it is the only way to make this work sustainable in the long-term.

We believe that a public education system that meets the needs of every student in Denver is possible. We know that there are challenges ahead, but we will not lose hope in our pursuit of creating a school district that works for every student, family, educator, and community member.

We follow through on our commitments and take actionable steps that move us from where we are now to where we need to be to fulfill our mission.