A strong public
education system is
the backbone of a
strong democracy.

Denver Families is hosting a program this summer, Leaders for Education Advocacy Denver (LEAD Denver), aimed at building a bench of diverse, values-aligned education leaders who are interested in learning what it takes to lead or support campaigns for local office.

By taking part in LEAD Denver, participants will:

  • Learn about local education policy and how to effectively communicate on issues that matter

  • Be equipped with the knowledge, skills, and execution strategies necessary to win

  • Meet civic leaders, former and current elected officials, and other local voices who can guide you long after the program's completion

Apply soon!

Our next LEAD Denver event will be held this fall. This program will be offered at no cost to accepted participants. More details will be available soon.

LEAD Denver is being planned as an in-person program. 

Who should apply?

LEAD Denver is open to any Denver resident (18 years or older) who is passionate about public education. This program is a great opportunity for individuals who are dedicated to Denver, believe that every student should have access to a high-quality public education, and want to learn about how to be a more effective advocate for change. 

Applications will be accepted soon. Fill out our interest form below to receive application information when it's available.