News School Board Redistricting: Stay Informed. Stay Involved.

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Every ten years, Denver Public Schools (DPS) must redraw school board director boundaries in accordance with census data. The goal of redistricting is to provide fair and effective representation for all. In the fall of 2022, DPS announced its formal redistricting plan, including how they proposed engaging the community in the process. This plan is underway and DPS is now seeking community input.

Currently, the district is considering six different scenarios that could impact who represents you on the school board. 

The school board will receive public comment on these scenarios on March 20, 2023 and make a final vote on the chosen option at their meeting on March 23, 2023.


The redistricting process is challenging due to the evolving demographics of Denver, making it difficult to prioritize representation and equity. 

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 [2021.9.24: Small Schools Resolution FAQ | 2022.11.3: School Unification Plan]

Scenarios A, B, C:

Options A, B, and C represent a dramatic shift in how communities of color would be represented on the school board. Most notably, these options displace a significant number of residents from historically Black communities – like Cole, Whittier, and Five Points. In doing so, Black communities would be divided and lose voting power and representation. 

Scenario D:

Scenario D both divides the Cole neighborhood (a historically Black community) and places a disproportionate number of schools with higher rates of declining enrollment into southwest Denver. The inclusion of these schools into District 2 would unfairly pack a disproportionate number of schools impacted by declining student populations into one school board district.  

Scenario E:

Scenario E largely maintains communities of interest, specifically retaining Five Points and Whittier in District 4. This option also moves the lowest number of schools to new districts and distributes schools with higher declining enrollment rates across multiple districts. However, this scenario moves the Cole neighborhood out of District 4 and maintains a smaller Latine population in District 2.

Scenario F:

Like Scenarios A, B, and C, Scenario F divides several communities – Platt Park, Rosedale, Central Park, West Wash Park – and moves a higher number of schools into new districts.  

Call to action:

Denver Families will continually provide updates on the process and redistricting scenarios. 

Your voice matters. You hold the power to ensure school board representation mirrors community, upholds your values, and works to support student needs and outcomes. Take this short survey to elevate your voice. 

You can stay engaged to ensure you are represented and empowered. You can provide feedback directly to DPS by filling out this survey.