News Strong Majority of Voters Support DPS bond on November Ballot

NEW POLL: Strong Majority of Voters Support DPS bond on November Ballot

67% of likely Denver voters would support resourcing Denver Public Schools despite frustrations with district leadership  

A strong majority of Denver voters would support a $975-million Denver Public Schools (DPS) bond proposal on the November ballot, with 67% of likely voters saying they would vote in favor, according to a new poll released today by Denver Families for Public Schools (Denver Families) and Keating Research, Inc. Only 16% of voters reported that they would vote no on the measure. At the same time, voters also expressed concerns with DPS leadership. The survey was conducted June 24-29, 2024, among a sample of 500 likely Denver voters.

Asked how they would vote on a ballot measure that would fund DPS infrastructure projects, the measure received consistently strong support across demographic groups, including two-thirds support from younger (68% vote yes) and older (67% yes) voters, parents (72% yes) and non-parents (67% yes), homeowners (66% yes) and renters (71% yes), and lower (67% yes) and higher income (69% yes) voters. The bond proposal also received support from at least 6-of-10 voters in each school board region. 

“We are not surprised that Denver voters continue to be champions of resourcing our public schools, seeing the need for critical school improvements,” said Denver Families’ CEO Clarence Burton Jr. “These results will help inform the continued organizing and advocacy work of our organization, including our community-informed endorsement process for this bond.” 

While the bond is popular with voters who clearly expressed their support for providing critical resources for DPS schools, respondents expressed dissatisfaction with district leadership.

When asked for their opinions on the current DPS Board, 47% of voters held an unfavorable view, with 20% expressing a favorable view. For DPS Superintendent Alex Marrero, 51% were unfamiliar, 33% held an unfavorable view, and 16% had a favorable view.

“It’s clear the community is still looking for change when it comes to the leadership and governance of DPS, but families and voters are prioritizing providing resources to students and 

teachers to strengthen our public schools,” said Burton. “In the November 2023 election, voters clearly indicated that they wanted new leadership on the school board, and this poll shows a continuation of that sentiment, as well as a desire to see the district head in a direction that is more focused on student learning and wellbeing.”

If passed, nearly a third of the bond money would go toward maintenance at 154 schools across the district. The Board of Education will vote on the bond proposal in August, and if approved, the measure will appear on the November ballot.

Denver Families for Public Schools engaged Keating Research, Inc. to conduct this poll as part of its annual listening campaign to get a firm understanding of voters’ views on this bond investment. In addition to this poll, Denver Families is currently engaged in its annual LEARN program, a door-to-door initiative to survey Denverites on their aspirations for the future of Denver Public Schools. 

In the coming weeks, Denver Families will consider an endorsement of the bond through its community-informed, staff-led endorsement process. Following a presentation and Q&A with representatives from the 2024 DPS bond, Denver Families will convene a community panel of approximately 30 DPS families and educators to make their recommendations to the Denver Families’ endorsement panel, which consists of the organization’s staff and board chair.

A summary of the Keating poll is available here

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